What is Cult of Pi?

As the Cult of Pi, our name means more than just pizza and 3.14 .  We CULTivate PI (Spanish for Pine). Pines symbolize Fertility, Wisdom, and Longevity. We live by these guidelines, and encourage our congregation to do so.

Fertility: The elevation of self and growth from within.

Wisdom: The Paradox answers all questions. As above, so below. We live within a micro, macrocosm. The deeper we look within, the farther we see without.

Longevity: You are everyone, just as everyone is you. Love yourself, love others.


Our Mission

Raise awareness of the connection of food, from seed to table.

Knowing where your food comes from is as important as the proper preparation. We take pride in growing and preparing our food on site for our congregation.



Pi is Creative Reason

It’s a symbol that represents reality as we see it. It measures precisely, yet creates indefinitely. Nothing cannot be measured by Pi, yet Pi can be approximately calculated.  

Pi is Community

Pi requires a group of numbers for calculation. We need our congregation to help create what is the Cult of Pi. Without our community, we have nothing.



To connect with our community  through the ancient tradition of breaking bread.

Food can be just as much, if not more of a message than words. If a picture speaks 1,000 words, food will speak 1,000,000.